Travis Wools – Additional Information



  • Led teams to create enterprise-wide standards for branding, content and social media that was leveraged for agency relationships as well as internal resources
  • Created and branded loyalty program growing aided and unaided awareness as well as increasing spend per customer
  • Developed strategy for third-party brands, store brands and consumer services defining target markets and positioning


  • Managed eight-figure budgets including agency and vendor relationships for direct response and branding campaigns
  • Forecasted and managed search engine marketing budgets for multiple divisions /brands delivering triple-digit ROI and reduced cost per acquisition
  • Planned and managed integrated media budgets for digital, traditional and direct response channels for multiple product lines


  • Created display ads, text ads and rich media and other ad units for campaigns, growing brand awareness, leads and sales
  • Planned and managed cost per acquisition campaigns delivering 100%+ increase in ROI and 40%+ decrease in cost per action
  • Developed affiliate marketing programs for multiple brands and divisions producing 125% ROI while protecting brand attributes


  • Managed regional, national and international sales promotions creating 75%+ increase in sales and 65% increase in net profit
  • Created email campaigns for national and international promotions improving open rates, click-through and conversion metrics
  • Launched cross-sell and up-sell strategy across brand lines improving ancillary sales up to 35%


  • Selected and implemented enterprise-wide website metric tools while establishing performance benchmarks
  • Served as company strategist for emerging media research providing guidance and direction for the organization’s pursuit of new marketing tactics
  • Leveraged third-party in combination with internal data to develop consumer targeting metrics and audience profiles


  • Developed organic, enterprise-wide optimization plan growing search engine traffic 30% within nine months
  • Managed $25 million pay per click search engine marketing budget for multiple brands driving year-over-year improvements in cost per acquisition and sales
  • Revamped search engine marketing plan and improved all key performance indicators including a 30% improvement in ROI


  • Created and managed blogs for B2C and B2B products improving search engine rankings while growing traffic and leads
  • Developed strategy for social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter to drive consumer engagement and site traffic
  • Implemented reporting tools and developed applications used across social media platforms


  • Redesigned public-facing websites while integrating new third-party ecommerce platform with SAP’s ERP and CRM solutions
  • Led shopping cart improvements for multiple websites reducing abandonment rates and increasing spend per visitor
  • Developed landing page and consumer applications strategy improving conversion rates and gross sales
Contact Travis
 314.616.3706 | twools (AT) gmail (DOT) com